The fascist tyranny of the neonazi-CIA about to end on Canadian soil?!
01 Sep 98/Tue/9:35
In Cheng Review I:1, the possibility of a Royal Inquiry was mentioned. Since then, "to keep the peace," the Prime Minister and his cabinet have let the CIA remain untouched by the arms of the law. (13/11/2002): Right now, it's a matter still for speculation.

01 Sep 98/Tue/9:35

An unprecedented most shameful, racist, discriminatory criminal act of aggression against an innocent altruist genius
02 Sep 98/Wed/11:39
As measured by the traditional love and respect the human race accords its great thinkers and inventors, the present CIA and German fascists' behaviour toward me is just about the only exception in recorded history. Such terms as "bizarre,inhuman, " are too weak to describe their abnormal barbarity. Jonathan Swift's "yahoos" now want to squeeze blood out of a stone and dominate the world­­­not that I am only a stone, but for whatever they want to achieve, there is nothing for me to give to them.
Their apparently bizarre behaviour however has what appears to them to be a "good cause:" To force me, a persecuted, oppressed, tortured, exploited, aggrieved, helpless, hopeless great thinker into the corner and be used by them in their organized effort to, in CIA's own worlds, " to take Canada alive."

CIA, the American arm of tyranny

Cheng Research Institutes to grant degrees