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Cheng Institutes Home
are the materializtion of Cheng's great discoveries in
medicine : memory, mentation and behaviour (conclusive proof); respiratory control, transmembrane Na-K concentration gradients; the neurophysics of colour vision ;

biology : Theory of Biogensis--- Darwin totally and forever overthrown;

(i)click here for the article

(ii)Why Darwin Refuted?--->all texts to be revised on that topic by Cheng's more scientific theory on the origin of the species and of mankind;

physics : the electromagnetic radiation of colour;

4. philosophy : on various topics particularly politics and law, more volumes than Karl Marx;

religion : scientific reaserch into spiritualism;

6. psychiatry & psychology : surpassing Sigmund Freud at least in volumes.

7. news headlines

8.New items (1)Chinese peace:

and(2) others since (a) December 31, 1997

since (b)Nov 13,2002.


First of these 460 volumes being published in
Cheng Review by KC Cheng Press, to be studied at the proposed Cheng University .

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6.9.1998: torture of Cheng by nazi-CIA: Nazi.CIA.persecuOf.Cheng.html

Cheng Reseaerch Institutes to grant degrees


Cheng Review II:1


10. Human rights violation by the U.S.A.: CIA,. . .






Table of contents