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1) Royal Inquiry into national security. Updating files at Canadian National Socialist Party

2)Darwin refuted?


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  • 4. telepathically

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    6) Construction of law, taxation law






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    1.  2) TESL---Teaching English as a Second Language
    2. 3) Dieting: some dangers No Salt, no Fat, no Meat, ...no Food!
    3. 4) Consciousness, attention, volition
    4. 5)Current Affairs
    5. 1) Iraq
    6. No reason to attack Iraq
    7. Why attack Iraq?
    8. If war for sure. . .
    9. A permanent U. N. inspection team in Iraq
    10. War on Iraq: A second UN resolution?
    11. February 6, 2003 War on Iraq: a matter of consequence

    22/2/2003: The Sequence of Disarmament

    February 28, 2003 (9:26am):"Kill you for your neighbours"

    4/March/2003 2:41:15 PM: Policy change

    1. 2)marijuana 3)911 4) Violent video games 5)Evil lying criminals 6)Sharing the American dollar: Wrong maths, a cheap sell-out
    2. (7) North Korea
    6. 6)Miscellaneous
    7. 1. Forget Darwin. Man not animals. 2. Love slaves.3. Brain not dead 4. "The world is a speaker:" your house, car, watch . . . all are a speaker.
    9. 7) Jokes & Satires
    10. 1. To Save Shampoo
    11. 2. The Only Freedom
    13. 8) Darwin: Evolution Only an Unproven Simple Concept
    14. 9) (11/1/2003)Does the United States Deserve My Contributions?
    15. 10) Health Alert: 1)Beware of Water Intoxication
    16. Combat constipation
    17. No solicitation please
    18. May 22, 2003 (11:09am):Education and Copyright
    19. Protect the internet