Why Darwin Refuted?

The reasons are not personal, e.g. religious beliefs or pride in being not a descendant of the "animals." Instead, scientific evidence and thinking have made Darwin's Theory of Evolution something which in terms of my knowledge today, would never have seen the light of the day: because it is not scientific and factual enough to be published as a proven or provable scientific doctrine.

Of course, human knowledge has been progressing at a tremendous pace since Darwin's days. Old thinking has been constantly replaced by new, and often better ones. In Darwin's case, his theory was t the beginning greeted with ridicule, indicating that he was unable with his hypothesis to convince the public enough to accept it. Unfortunately, subsequent scholars, for want of a better theory or being unable to overthrow his "thinking," began to with it blindly brainwash the public as if it had been proven true.
The fact of the matter is, however, that his theory was never scientifically proven to be a real-life biological mechanism for the creation of the various species on earth. Even today, no biologist could honestly prove its truth. Instead, all they have been characteristically doing is reciting Darwin's conclusions as truth requiring no proof or further proof. It is like accepting Sigmund Freud's thinking. No challenges to their imaginations. Take it serious and read on.
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This is another potent illustration of self-publishing by obviously very competent individuals is much better than publishing by presses whose editors themselves are really out there to make a buck, or incapable of truly understanding new theories. While there is that air of respectability in such other-publishing cases, there is not that essential quality of academic competence to determine whether a theory is valid, scientific or great. Once such publications go into the circulation, they may become blindly accepted by those insufficiently discriminative or competent to reject their fallacies or defects.

What you are reading now may be some of the most competent, best thoughts, discoveries ever created by mankind. You can read, think and thus judge. Am I right or was Darwin right? I'll present sufficient evidence and arguments for you to pass a competent judgment.

Biogenesis: evolution impossible; origin of species



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