22 Aug 98/Sat/10:51am

The second coming of Christ

Pope: It has been 1998 years since our Lord Jesus went to see his father in heaven. Do you think that he would ever return to visit us, like in "the second coming of Christ?"

Bishop: Well, I think so. We only must be patient.

Cheng: I doubt very much now with all those "psychiatrists" around jumping on everyone to label them "having schizophrenic delusions," or "delusions of grandeur," or whatever. Even if the Christ truly comes into this world again, he would be locked up for being a schizophrenic!



Cheng: We must objectively evaluate whether the major issues in the Bible had factual foundation. Recently a former Catholic wrote in his book Testament published by Doubleday of Canada that Jesus might have been a Roman soldier's son. There was no virgin birth.

Around the same time, about five months ago, a biblical scholar concluded on basis of research findings (e.g. the Noah's Arc had never existed) that the Bible is a book of "folklores and allegories." So much for the Bible.

If we are to worship God, surely we must find the real one--- if such a one or ones exist.



God and Wars

If God or gods exist, would they want their peoples fight over religions or for them, the gods? No. The only enemy God/gods have is that Satan.



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