18/11/2002: Current Affairs

1) Iraq.

I hope that they could come to a satisfactory understanding of the true state of Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" and not bomb Iraq back to the stone age for something it doesn't have. Last time during and after the Gulf War (of 1991), more than one million Iraqi children starved to death. This time, with massive bombing, at least another 1.5 million would be wiped out. They are also people, not just the Americans.

December 23, 2002

No reason to attack Iraq

By yesterday, Iraq made itself a nation absolutely at international disposal, even for the CIA to lead a team to inspect for weapons of mass destruction.

It's like a case of a suspect letting the police search his house without resistance. Is there any need or ground to shoot our way into his house? Any reasonable person would say no. When Iraq is inviting others to inspect in this thorough manner, only callous warmongers without regard for human lives would now hit Iraq with weapons of mass destruction instead of going in to do a search, murdering the innocent and starving millions to death.

Besides, what's purportedly missing in Iraq's 12,000 pages on its weapons development may very well be what it has/had destroyed instead of having to disclose them.

When so many " suspected" sites have been found to contain no weapons of mass destruction, under the given circumstances, it is easy to determine whether additional suspected sites are also merely innocent locations.

Unless the motive is to put in a pro-American government and not just to disarm Saddam Hussein, no decent nation would ever attack Iraq at this moment.

Oh, by the way, is "waging a war to install a pro-American government" an act of peace, self-defence or aggression? If an act of aggression, would the actor be a peace-lover or warmonger?


Why attack Iraq?

27 January 2003

If war for sure ...
A permanent U. N. inspection team in Iraq

1 February 2003
War on Iraq: A second UN resolution?

2) marijuana

In the 1980s I wrote the Department of Justice Judicial Committee on the medical contraindications for decriminalizing marijuana. Today I add a few more social reasons. When it has undesirable medical consequences, decriminalizing it tends to disinhibit the general public into liberally using it just like the cigarettes. Although law enforcement would be eased by not having to investigate and prosecute its possession, use or trafficking, the dire consequences of lifting a legal restraint on it would be unmanageable: fewer criminals but more innocent kids and adults alike hooked on it. Especially in an affluent society, this thing would soon spread into popular use and establish a multi-billion dollar industry just like pornography. When such a tremendous amount of wealth is diverted into a shady commercial enterprise for something harmful to the people, the society cannot remain healthy. Unlike French red wines, it serves no potentially beneficial purposes whatsoever. It's something entirely out there to puff away people's boredom. Maybe they should watch more TV instead. Those needing it for truly medicinal purposes can always get a doctor's prescription. Let's leave at that and not let the ones having no medical need for it suffer the consequences of its undesirable "side effects." You know, even the best prescription drugs are not allowed to be used by the public without medical indications. At least the same should be said of and be done with marijuana. Just like insulin or penicillin, some of the miracle drugs ever discovered by man, no general public use without prescription .


3) 911

That was a tragedy directed almost entirely at the Americans. Others helping out have only done so out of friendship, not necessarily self-interest.

In many other things as well, Canada and many other nations participated not because they are Americans but because they are allies or friends or sympathetic to the victims and their families. Even during the cold war, the USA with its superpower status and many unique American interests, was the real target of competition with the former U.S.S.R. Canada has nothing to do with a lot of those international conflicts bothering or concerning the USA. It is therefore always Canada being dragged into American conflicts, not the other way around. Canada has not needed the Korean War, the Gulf War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, or 911. To be honest, in this world of today, Canada needs no American protection. Especially when there is now a U.N., protection from whom? Russia? China? Or,Britain? Canada needs protection from only enemies of the USA. Canada has no real enemies of her own. But once having taken action to defend our ally the USA, Canada also becomes a target. Just listen to what Osama bin Laden said a few days ago on that audio tape. Only because Canada joined the USA to wipe them out in Afghanistan has Canada become their potential target. 911 occurred in New York, not Toronto. Why should it be considered Canada's responsibility to fight U.S.A.'s enemies? Canada does so only as an ally, not as bin Laden's prime target.

This is a partial response to American Pat Buchanan's recent attack on Canadians as "whiners."


4) Violent video games

Whether violent video games would do harm to anyone depends on age and a person's prevailing personality. Those with a strongly anti-crime personality could use it just to release tension. They can very well free themselves from whatever the video games are leading them into doing. But those immature or dubious in character certainly could become accustomed and addicted to violence and crimes through repeated "training" on the video just like learning flying from a flight simulator.



5)Evil lying criminals

Not all criminals are bad. Some are even "prisoners of conscience, victims of systematic persecution." But others are distinctly evil, evil at heart, evil in deed and evil indeed. They trash a civilized society with disrespect for all kinds of basic civilized human values already emerging since the days of barbarity. They intensify barbarity with their more clever minds than the primitive people. Like I said before, modern barbarians can be far more dangerous, far more evil than our worst ancestral tyrants. With modern weapons of mass destruction nowadays, they can kill millions with one bomb. These are the true Satans of the human race.

Evil at heart, of course they cannot be honest. Lying is so common that it takes saints and angels to be absolutely honest. How could we trust Satans? They of course lie more virulently, more profusely, more shamelessly.

Lie, lie, lie, . . .. Don't listen to those lies. The murderer confesses that the victim has killed him!


6)Sharing the American dollar: wrong maths, a cheap sell-out

Only because of the cheaper Canadian currency relative to the American dollar, some Canadians advocate sharing a common currency with the U.S.A. But that's mathematically unsound.

Hopefully we all know the most basic of all financial rules "buy low; sell high." Yet, these common-currency proponents are advocating "buy high; sell low." What happens when the Canadians have to use their low dollar to buy the high American green buck? They get far fewer dollars back. During this process, they make the American dollar progressively more expensive---The more people buy that dollar, the more expensive it becomes. In parallel, Canadian properties would become progressively less expensive for the Americans to acquire though equally expensive if not more so for the Canadians. The American dollar can buy Canada on the cheap. It simply makes no sense to buy the U.S. dollar when it's so high respecting the Canadian looney. If you can't see it, try buying it on a one-to-one basis. Even fools wouldn't buy one American dollar with 1.7 Canadian dollars when they can get it with only 90 Canadian cents! Just see how much Canada as a nation would have lost if all Canadian dollars are converted into the American currency at the US/Canadian dollar exchange ratio of 1/1.7 as opposed to buying at 1/1.

This fact is already well borne out in the easy buying of Canadians firms largely by the Americans--- The cheap Canadian dollar makes it easy for the strong American dollar to buy Canadian enterprises. Once Mulroney has "boldly gone where no one else has ever gone before" and scrapped the FIRA (Foreign Investment Review Agency) put in place by Trudeau, the looney surely can't stop the American dollar from buying up Canada at a huge discount. Just read Mel Hurtig's latest book relevant to this topic. (11/Dec/2002)

(12/1/2003)(7)North Korea




1. Forget Darwin. Man not animals. If you read my summary on this subject, you'll discover that biological evolution never occurred. The only evolution has been a social one, transforming primitive and barbaric man into more advanced civilized individuals. From cannibalism, conquests, . . ., people have come to practise a better part of their mental power: morality and peace. Since man never physically evolved from the animals, it's wrong to classify them as "social animals." Instead, "man" which stands for "the human race" is a separate entity outside of the animal kingdom. Besides, what does it sound like for someone to say "Hey, do you see lots of animals at the mall?" How ridiculous and disrespectful or dangerous for some idiotic academics to classify and openly call people "the social animals"in their books? Are we all to be treated like animals too? Nowadays we speak of "human rights," not just "animal rights."

Why Darwin wrong?


2. Love slaves.

Some people demand their lovers to "love them with all their heart and soul, being willing to die for them." Well, let me tell you this: If they deserve this kind of love, the minimal they must do in return is not to make this kind of narcissistic demands. Otherwise, they are only after getting some "love-slaves."


3. Brain not dead.

Quite fortunately, yesterday an American court overturned a lower court decision and refused to allow ending life support for a woman in a "vegetative state." Her family video was rather convincing that she is still very much brain-alive, not brain-dead.

When she could see her loved ones and respond with a smile, she demonstrated her ability to convert visual input into conscious awareness of the object/person being seen. Furthermore, this visual perception is competently incorporated into her prefrontal thinking which in turn [consciously] selects and executes facial muscle movements manifesting in a smile. The whole array of complex brain processing is still intact and even appropriate. She can sense and think and therefore is very much a person alive, not dead. Ending her life now is to murder her.


4. "The world is a speaker:" your house, car, watch . . . all are a speaker.

Reported on Discovery Channel (cable 42) yesterday (2 Dec 2002) is on the market a new gadget allowing almost anything on contact to become a speaker. This device (called Snapunos ) came from recent commercialization of an old American military technology of communicating without speakers. Depending on the contact surface, various degrees of sound and music reproduction can be achieved by attaching it to anything around, the best surface being glass. It is therefore a truly portable "music generator," not really a speaker. Like that reporter said, "The world is a speaker." It can be attached to a bicycle helmet and generate music from an audio input, e.g. an MP3 player without a speaker of its own.

Another application, used really for spying and "military communication" is to beam out whatever that's in that unit from afar onto any surface around you, say onto your watch crystal. Music or voice would then bound off from your watch as if it were a speaker. You wonder how your watch without speakers can emit sound. Well, that's how it's done. Also, this can be used to trick people into thinking that they are communicating with "ghosts" or hallucinating. Theoretically, even from a satellite emission, this beam of vibration can cause something inside your house or your garden to become a speaker. When you cannot find speakers inside your house or on your ear lobes, you might think that you are hallucinating or "ghosts" are around. Actually not. Actually it's these military devices in operation.


Jokes & Satires

1. To Save Shampoo

To save shampoo, all women should have their hair chopped.


2. The Only Freedom

The only freedom people may love to lose is the freedom of being poor. They might allow being forced to turn rich, but not forced to believe in your religions, taking away their freedom of belief, "souls" and even properties.



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