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1. Darwin's Theory of Evolution Overthrown by Modern Knowledge of Genetics (13/11/2002)

18/11/2002: The Power of Half Truth: with a century of blind following and brainwashing in the form of education, this concept of evolution has gone into most educated peoples' heads. Whenever there is a chance, they go to visit their distant ancestors at the zoos. When I asked one of them as to why they don't pay their respect at their ancestral tombs like the Chinese do, he told me this: "Darwin told us our most ancient immediate ancestors were the great apes." Wow, I said to myself, "Darwin also wrote a western version of our Chinese "Monkey King." The latter is a fairy tale centering on a Tang dynasty real monk's westward travels to India to get Buddha's scriptures. Accompanying him was a monkey having supernatural powers able to turn into man and any other things it wished. Perhaps ignorance sometimes is the best education. I always thought this to be impossible until I ran into Darwin's version of the"Monkey King." While my ignorance told me this type of transmutation impossible, the scientific institutes time and again, or daily via various forms of media attempt to ram down my throat a piece of fairy tale as a "great scientific theory." It is like a religion, its believers firmly believe in its truth and try to convince others of this "truth." But whether it is a truth depends on whether there is sufficient evidence to prove their case.

In the case of Darwin, scientific evidence and logical deduction have proven his theory no more than another "monkey king"fairy tale under a cloak of "science." At this point, ignorance is no excuse and means arrogance, or stubbornness, and lack of education. There is no excuse for people to continue "deluding" being apes' descendants when they are not.

December 23rd 2002

Evolution Only an Unproven Simple Concept

Especially when diverse species are alive, it is really a commonsensical simple concept that the simplest of them all gave rise to the progressively more complex forms.
Because it is such a simple concept, it sounds reasonable to the general public. However, science it is not just about accepting what appears to be reasonable. Instead, it demands that proof be given. In the case of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, his reasonable thinking was never proven to be scientifically sound. As a consequence, he gave us only a possible or reasonable mechanism of life creation, not the real one responsible for the formation of millions or billions of species on earth.

After studying my Theory of Biogenesis, you will realize that whereas he got a commonsensical concept, I got the truth.

Do not mistake a simple concept for truth. This fantastic nature is far more complex than a simple concept.


It's a funny situation: these great institutes of learning are groundlessly preaching to their students that we are all apes' descendants. They love being apes. I think this is a great conspiracy of the apes.


My theory is so solid now that even those for political reasons criminally defaming me are referring their public to my site.(see defamation and return here).


Take it serious and read on. Don't think I'm another Darwin.


2. Interspecific Cloning?


3. Why Darwin Refuted?

20/11/2002: has some of my earlier news group discussions stored on its search engines. If you type in "Darwin refuted, KC Cheng" in the search window of

and click on "Google Search," you'll get them. Or, click here: KC Cheng in the newsgroup re Darwin

5.Defamation. Defending the CIA's senile delinquents: My knowledge encounters resistance from not just those defending Darwin and the apes, but also those wanting to defend the CIA. I'd imagine it's more worthwhile defending the CIA than the apes and often they defend the former with the latter. A prime example can be seen at

There, you'll find that American author libelling me as having a "paranoid delusion" [of being a victim of their CIA persecution]. Naturally, there is that need to cover up this ugly truth, an unprecedented evil deed done to a great man. One way to do is to libel the victim as having "delusions of paranoia," in the same way libeling the Jews as having "paranoid delusions" of a "Holocaust which never occurred." It is a form of hate propaganda, defaming the poor victims themselves instead of admitting the truth. In my case, there are practical difficulties the Jews no longer have to overcome. They have the whole world behind them to condemn the persecutors. None dares libel them "paranoid schizophrenic" in face of evidence. Just imagine what their plight would be if we all now live under the Nazis. You think there would be an admission of their sufferings? Not a chance. Anyone dare mentioning the truth would be instantly libelled and labelled "having paranoid delusions" in the same way some Americans now libel me. That's because the Americans nowadays with their weapons of mass destruction can twist arms and tell lies with a straight face. As a result, the victim is a "paranoid schizophrenic" with "paranoid delusions of persecution." What's a real persecution never occurred and the victim is deluding.

Hopefully, perhaps there would be a chance for evidence in that regard to air in a court of law and not buried under the wrap of "paranoid delusions." Let the state apparatuses settle international disputes instead of having vigilantes throwing insults at each other.


Actually, in these things, we should be reminded of the truth by what's in the Superman song: "I can't stand to fly. . .. I'm more than a bird. . .. I'm not crazy, or anything. . ..It's not easy to be me."


That brings us to the need for academic and scientific neutrality, not to politicize knowledge and truth. However, that's often difficult to do. Too many international conflicts are played out by the most evil and of course dishonest people. Truth is nowhere or rarely to be found there. Only when the good triumphs over evil would truth see the light of the day.


With all that politics out of the way, now we turn to what he was actually saying. In these things, when they have no true freedom of speech behind that "iron curtain," we would simply have to read between the lines. I mean, how many Americans want to be on the CIA's "black list." When they are abroad, they wouldn't enjoy the same degree of protection as others would. I couldn't visit my uncle in New Jersey even in his last days on earth(See hot links). When they are playing tricks on another nation, they would even turn on their own parents.

Now back to that page in question. First, its title is ChengTheGreat. There are only few "Greats" I've heard of: Alexander the Great, Peter the Great. "Cheng the Great" is news to me. I've never called myself "Cheng the Great." For that surely I can't be accused of having "megalomania." Actually, telling people about who actually I am is being honest and informative to provide a service to the public, not even doing any marketing or misleading advertising, certainly not being "megalomaniac."

He went on to say "I'm speechless, and caught between tremendous derision and admiration. An
incredible triumph of thought over insanity. . .. this man can think. ...still freaking out about Cheng. . . .I think I need to order some of his work,. . .I think rumors of Immanuel Bronner's demise
were a smokescreen, and he's now living under the assumed identity of
Kuan-Chyun Cheng.

the link is on the same page as the HooptySnake "

In short, despite his strenuous defence of those senile delinquents, he still directs his audience to visit my webpage to read all about Darwin being refuted. He even thinks I may be Immanuel Kant's reincarnate. From his earlier references to Immanuel Kant on his page, it's self evident that he really wanted to say
"Immanuel Kant," but dared only say "Immanuel Bronner." You can see how ambivalent he is, torn between his love for the USA and respect for knowledge.

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