30 Aug 98/Sun/11:48
The Cheng Research Institutes to grant degrees
By now, competent scholars having bona fides toward me ought to have seen my research results being amongst the greatest of all human inventions. Accordingly, what I say hereunder is a mere representation of what these people would have been saying about me.

The Cheng Research Institutes
are the materialization of Cheng's great discoveries.

First of these 460 volumes being published in Cheng Review by KC Cheng Press, to be studied at the proposed Cheng University.
31 Aug 98/Mon/10:32
With these kinds of great inventions by one single person, even the most retarded would know who I am. Only in an abnormal society or community would I be stepped on or despised.
My research institutes were named the Institute of Supreme New Knowledge in 1975, renamed Cheng Research Institutes in 1978, empowered to grant extraordinary degrees such as the Institutes' D.Sc., D. Psychol., etc., and to grant equivalent standings for work satisfactorily done elsewhere, such as M.D. standings and equivalent degrees.Since world universities depend on my inventions to be updated in many vital areas of human knowledge; if anything, I possess the highest standard in granting degrees in these fields.
If anything, those universities not studying my works lack the necessary academic qualifications to grant acceptable university degrees in these related disciplines, not the other way around,
i.e. not I having no authority to grant university degrees! Unfortunately, this rightful power was curbed in 1986 in Ontario by its new University and Colleges Act and I have not had the time and wealth to have that provincial government officially recognize my degree granting power under this new, restrictive legislation. However, degrees granted and recognized in that province by myself prior to that legislation are still lawful and in force and I can still grant such degrees in other jurisdictions where there are no such unreasonable restrictions on my academic authority. After all, I am the great one providing all universities the essential teaching material for their basic and advanced degree studies. If the great one himself has no authority or standard to grant degrees, who else should? None whatsoever except in such areas as mathematics, engineering, and the like which are truly foreign to me.
Look again, see how many texts must be updated by my new knowledge:
Great Discoveries:
1) The material essence of memory, neural mechanisms of the mind, thinking and behaviour,
2) Darwin overthrown, replaced by Cheng's "Theory of Biogenesis," on the origin of the species and of mankind, introduced in Cheng Review I:4,
3) The physics of colour, etc. as further detailed elsewhere.
4)Total number of volumes: approximately 460 volumes of original works on philosophy, politics, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, law, biology, physics, etc.

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