a proposed Cheng University
When Cheng alone invents so much academically decisive knowledge, faster and more than what one or several of the best universities together could do during the same period, obviously a university created, administered [ and nominally owned] by him and taught under his supervision would become the world's foremost education institute.
The severe shortage of good universities has made it logical for Cheng to establish a giant Cheng University for many millions more students to receive a best education than otherwise possible.
However, Cheng cannot do it alone. He needs money. That is why he has established some sort of a preliminary contact with some of the world's interested wealthiest nations for them to put up the money, and Cheng put up the knowledge, needed to establish this non-profit system for their citizens.
Despite its greatness, Cheng U. will not allow itself to be an "Ivy League" university just for the rich. Instead, while the rich must pay, the poor would get in often free. Whether rich or poor, the criteria for admission and graduation are these: 1) integrity, 2) intelligence, in that order.
It's possible that a correspondence division would be first established before any major construction occurs.


No solicitation please. Other than the well-established giants, publishing is a risky if not an outright impossible business. Besides, I have another "black hole" (Cheng University) to drain whatever resources I might have. As a result, I have nothing to spare other than for repaying my debts or equitable exchange with others. Moreover, I'm more than stressed out, having to write and be a servant to many other things and myself. I have more work than I can handle in 10 life times. Unlike Bruce Sprinsteen, "this gun is not for hire."


An example of a potential university project with Japan: Sorry, not enough web space right now.(19/6/1998)






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