25/8/97 Cheng Research Institutes:

That great modern revolution in science and arts is here: Shaking the modern knowledge's very foundation---
Darwin refuted : evolution never occurred;
memory and the mind discovered: a great mystery finally solved;
+ philosophy rivalling Aristotle, Plato, Marx . . .,
psychology & psychiatry no less than Freud . . .
all by one man:
K.C. Cheng!

There was a Newton, an Einstein, so can there be now a Cheng !
See for yourselves to dispel disbelief! Don't let your people be the losers--- ignorant of new great knowledge! Don't say I never let you know!


Universities without Cheng's journals and books are backward: Do not attend them!

Books not updated by Cheng's invenstions are outated: do not buy or read them!

Get your updated best education from Cheng's institutes and become the sought-after best graduates for jobs offered by those who know Cheng's knowledge is best for them!
You are now given a chance to see whether I am boasting. If I am not, who am I then? If I only appear to be really what I claim to be, who may I be?
If I may be as great a new giant thinker as I claim, shouldn't you have a great deal of interest in finding out whether I am really what I appear to be?
If you then find that I am truly what I claim to be, who am I?

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