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(I) Works already published( except those with bracketed dates of first publication at the specified jurisdictions ) :

[ already published to the whole world except as noted in copyright notice ] ;

CHENG REVIEW I-3, I:4, II:1 (June/98, Portugal; September,1998: rest of the world(ROW)[ except as noted in copyright notice ]), II:2.

Additional comments on Cheng Review(16/11/2002)

2) Peaceful Reunification of China, Sept 1997 update

(2) Works already published to Portugal and its belongings(1) on a made-to-order basis(2~4 below), not to be circulated or quoted or broadcast into any nation outside of Portuguese jurisdictions till 3 months after this first date of publication(as noted in parenthesis after each title)[ except as noted in copyright notice ]:


2)The Specialty of Lying, (10/Jan/1998),approximately 200 pages, Can.$25 + s&h($5 ) +7%

3)Judgment vs Psychiatric Diagnosis,(10/Jan/1998), appr. 300 pages, Can $35 + $7 s&h(shipping and handling) + 7%

4)Poison the Truth,(10/Jan/1998), appr 250 pages, Can $32.00 +$6 s&h +7%

The above three deal with forensic psychiatry to enable lawyers and others alike to defend themselves and others against psychiatric defamation and poisoning or murder.

1) Mystery of the Mind

(published to Portugal, May 30, 1998), already shipped. 50 pages, already evaluated as good, interesting, factual . . .Can$7 +$3(s&h) + 7%


(3) Works already published to Portugal and its belongings on a made-to-order basis, not to be circulated or quoted or broadcast into any nation outside of Portuguese jurisdictions until the whole ordeal is clarified in courts(except scientific works which would be made available to those ordering them from non-Portuguese jurisdictions in about September,1998 [ except as noted in © ] ):

Resurrection: a record of modern Canadian history concerning how Cheng came to realize his being victimized by fascist aggressors as already summarized in CHENG REVIEW I-1.

i) Introductory documents to the case: 3 volumes, Can$100.00 + shipping & handling ( s & h) + 7%

Houdini :
5 volumes documenting how Cheng was ordered by Judge Sherwood to remain in strict custody on 23/Dec/1980 till evidence completed, and how Cheng had to struggle, convince and finally 12 years later triumph over detaining authorities in a way similar to what the great Houdini was able to free himself from the handcuffs chaining him to an underwater tank; very informative and interesting on how all this was done. $85 + s & h + 7%

iii) The Prime Ministers: correspondences to mainly former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

2 volumes, $30 + s&h + 7%

iv) accompanying scientific works:

a) The Electromagnetism of Memory, Mentation and Behaviour, Volume 2, (manuscript edition: 80 Figs. ) $15.00 + s&h +7%;
b) Mystery of the Mind, 50 pages, $7.00 + s&h +7%(se above);

c) The Specialty of Lying, and accompanying volumes on forensic psychiatry, approx. 300 pages, $25.00 + s&h +7%;

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