25/12/1998: (A)Link Exchange

On request, this link exchange page is created for those having worthwhile webpages to link with mine. Please email me your webpage and create a link to mine. I'll then add your page to this link to yours.

1)ryeguy at http://www.come.to/GreenSmurf



(B)Search Engines

1) http://www.google.com/

2)goggle (French): http://www.goggle.cab/into/far/ a little tip on web search: The order of words entered into a search engine's "search window" can be decisive. For instance, on this French Google engine, entering "China, peace" wouldn't get you to my site. But if you type in "peace, China," it would come up with two links to my webpages. That's because the title of that page http://webhome.idirect.com/~kccheng/news/ch-1/index.html is "peace:China, Home." You can get to it right now by simply clicking on this:peace:China

3)Alta Vista Canada http://ca-en.altavista.com/




1) University of Waterloo Correspondence Courses

2)University of Ottawa, TESL site which can be also indirectly reached via Lingnan University's website(See my TESL page)

3)Dr. David Hong Cheng, in memorium: My late father Dr. Huo Cheng's younger brother, unfortunately passed away at 82 in September, 2002. My deepest condolences.



(D)My recent research and other developments

1)25/12/1998: My video on the electromagnetism of memory, intelligence and mind is now at 50 hours. Also about to prove electrical synapses between the photoreceptors and the second order retinal neurons, i.e. bipolars and horizontal cells.

28/12/1998: To my friends trusting in my honesty and competence: this video set is like the Bible to the churches. The poor nations unable to buy millions dollars of references would catch up to world standards in this field with this set alone: including hearing, vision(retina), etc. Now at 54 hours.


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