Memory and the Mind

"Incredible as it may seem,"
the impossible has been proven!
Basically, memory has been finally proven beyond scientific doubt to be the storage of the electromagnetic particles arising from, or generated by stimuli outside of the central memorineurons. Only through 19 volumes of thorough and meticulous dissection and analysis of all, almost infinite numbers of behavioural and neurological phenomena has it been possible to discover and establish what memory is and how it operates to give animals and man alike the "mind" in conscious direction of wilful behaviour. Without this line of scientific and logical deduction, theoretical ascertainment on basis of factual observations; memory and the mind would never have been and could never be in the future to the end of time discovered and proved.


Fig. 7 in Cheng Rev I:3 illustrates the basic processes of memory and wilful behaviour.

Of course, proving all these complex neural processes entails more than a few hundred pages. Instead, every vital link must be demonstrated or verified with supporting observations or other tangible evidence. As a result, getting to know this theory and its scientific value involves studying the 19 volumes already written. One would not be disappointed in this case:

to know, know know you, is to love , love, love you !
Other than the volumes about to be published, one is invited to read samples here in Cheng Review I-1, I-2 and I-3. . ..
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The more one reads it, the more one loves it!

Still looking for memory and the mind? Look no further. They are here!


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