K.C.Cheng Press,
the new world leader in providing the world of knowledge with publications of Cheng's great discoveries in the same way presses used to issue Newton's, Einstein's , Sigmund Freud's, Karl Marx's, Aristotle's, Plato's, Kant's, Confucius's, Darwin's . . . works. The only difference is Cheng's works replace Darwin's, Freud's, and improve many others' outdated thinking. Let Cheng Review give you a little proof.


Who publishes more systems of great orginal works right now?

The U.S.A., or that humble little

KC Cheng Press?

Take your pick.

But don't forget, if
KC Cheng Press can alone rival that academic and publishing Empire the USA.

Don't read books from KC Cheng Press .
Be ignorant!

While the USA controls about 90% of the [ English?]
science and technology publications,
KC Cheng Press publishes at this point about 90% of the world's greatest new,hitherto unknown theories.
Believe it or not, it's up to you. It's your future, not mine! Read:
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Henceforth, many great discoveries in sciences, medicine, philosophy, law , psychology, political science, etc. would be published by Cheng Review.

These great articles on the mind, the origin of the species, the mystery of the universe, the theory of color, the politics of international intrigue, the philosophy and logic of law. . ., would come only from the humble Cheng Review.

No nation, no education or research institute, no informed person can truly survive without Cheng Review.

However reputable they may be, Scientific American, Nature, Discover, Sciences . . ., they would NEVER have access to these unique great articles.

Don't be defective. Subscribe to Cheng review: the only one to report some of the greatest discoveries of all time! The only one!

Don't regret later. Buy now!

Cheng Review quarterly, p economy ed. Can $20/yr (1) + 7% o Deluxe, longer-lasting paper, Can $60 per year.(1) +7%

K.C. Cheng Press, Canada,kccheng@idirect.com

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16/11/97: For other publications, please so specify on the order form.

(1) Foreign nations: the same prices but must be in U.S. currency + 7%

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