Human rights violation by the U.S.A.:

CIA, the American arm of tyranny to dominate the world­­­

using force and torture to make others obey their orders of aggression:

identical modus operandi, imposing insufferable conditions to force victims into submission

(1) torture of Cheng by nazi-CIA: Nazi.CIA.persecuOf.Cheng.html

(2)electronically tracking him world-wide

even into China:

Why have they been doing it? See the upcoming (?) Royal Enquiry for an answer to this puzzling mystery (13/11/2002).

(3)victim's response: an academic embargo on an undeserving nation.

(4)Under the circumstances, doing anything for them is to be a willing slave, doing anything for them under duress is to be an instrument, and doing anything dangerous for them is to be a war slave. It takes several steps in the following order to place me in a proper position for negotiations with the USA as equals: 1. cease and desist; 2. compensations, 3. establishing appropriate bilateral relationships, perhaps just friendly trade, 4. question "for what should I do anything for them?" 5. If to my benefit, in exchange, I'd then be able to consider doing something for them. (16/11/2002) See Does the United States Deserve My Contributions?


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