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this site was first set up on December 31, 1997:

The author since then has conclusively proven electrons in the action potentials: "The Electric Fishes Speak."(19/6/1998)


Added to the webpages since first appearing on the web, (1)Cheng Review I:4 Home

(2)web design tips

(3)Chinese Peace(new developments)

4) 11/7/1998:dendriticAP



5)Canadian Prime Minister Chretien's rallying for national unity in, and heading, passive resistance against suspected foreign aggression to usurp Canada


6) Second Coming of Christ

7) dendritic action potential propagation: rare references

8) 6.9.1998:

Another folder: tripod.com

torture of Cheng by nazi-CIA: Nazi.CIA.persecuOf.Cheng.html

Cheng Reseaerch Institutes to grant degrees

Cheng Review II:1

Cheng Review II:2


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My new research and other developments

1/1/1999:God and Wars

9/5/2000: Human rights

1) Human rights violation by the U.S.A.


13/11/2002:Newest updates, 13/11/2002 onward#2







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